We want client relationships, not just a series of transactions.

These relationships are built on trust and mutual respect, and are fostered by excellent communication and a collaborative working environment.

We must always provide value.  If we do, we will win the loyalty of our clients.


How we live our philosophy

As innovators, we want to create better, faster and more efficient ways to deliver legal services.  Here are three ways we do so:

Flat Fee Subscription Packages

Each subscription provides expert legal advice for an attractive flat monthly fee.  All of our packages include unlimited calls and emails to an IBLG attorney.

Unique and Specialized Business Owners (USBO)

In collaboration with Ridge Hills Partners, Inc., we have created tools and processes to help USBOs prepare for a successful exit.

InHouse Support

This program helps in-house lawyers complete projects that might be difficult for the typical outside law firm to manage efficiently.  We perform all work for either a flat fee or “not to exceed” amount.