Mid-Size Law Firms

Working with Mid-Size Law Firms

Mid-Size Law Firms

Mid-size law firms generally have a higher partner to associate ratio than large large law firms.

The summary below highlights some of the advantages, disadvantages and general variables to consider when retaining a mid-size law firm.

Competitive Advantages

  • High level of expertise, particularly at partner level
  • Aim to be full-service providers in certain practice areas
  • Local/regional name recognition
  • Partners typically do more direct client work
  • Partners are able to develop closer client relationships

Competitive Disadvantages

  • Partners do work that could be done by associates/paralegals
  • Cross referrals within the firm may not always be the best fit for the client
  • Fewer associates available to serve clients’ needs
  • If it is a general practice, the firm competes with large, boutique and small firms
  • Often higher overhead cost structure than boutique/small general practice firms
  • Fees may be lower than large firms, but may be higher than boutique/small general practice firms


  • Practice areas may be few or many
  • Multi-jurisdiction capabilities
  • Available legal resources
  • In-firm collaboration
  • Turnaround time & responsiveness
  • Quality and service level may differ from partner to partner
  • Convenience of location
  • Firm bureaucracy
  • Effective use of technology resources
  • Administrative organization