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Eleven Things to Know About the Massachusetts Earned Sick Time Law

On November 4, 2014, Massachusetts voters passed the Earned Sick Time Law. This law affects every business with employees in Massachusetts, and applies to all public and private sector employers in the Commonwealth (except the federal government and cities and towns). The following represent certain key aspects of the Earned Sick Time Law. 1. “Employee” […]

Transition to New Employment Eligibility Verification Form (Form I-9)

Summary: All employers must use the new USCIS Form I-9 beginning December 26, 2007.  New employees and any existing employees who have not previously completed a Form I-9 must fill out the new Form I-9. Common Questions/Practical Answers 1. Why is this required?  USCIS has publicly stated that they will step up workplace enforcement of U. […]

Massachusetts Wage Act Applies to Startup Founder – Stanton v. Lighthouse Financial Services, Inc.

Summary: A former president and founding shareholder of a start-up company can seek payment of deferred and unpaid salary under the Massachusetts Weekly Wage Act (the “Wage Act”) against both the company and the company’s CEO, who was also an early-stage investor. In the case of Stanton v. Lighthouse Financial Services, Inc., et al, a […]

The Revised Massachusetts Independent Contractor Classification Law

Summary: On July 19, 2004, the Massachusetts statute governing independent contractors was revised. The presumption is that any work arrangement is an employer-employee relationship.  The revised law reduces the number of individuals who are eligible for independent contractor status, thus requiring employers to classify them as employees and as such, comply with the required worker’s […]